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William Odom

Updated October 9, 2017

Sons of The American Legion

Detachment of New Jersey




Thank you all for your support during my recent ICU/hospital stay as your Chaplin I have been busy and the opportunity to meet all those brothers and sisters I have met.  These friendships can never be replaced.  Considering where I have come from, over coming illness and getting stronger daily.  I have done a lot of travel learning about the Legion family.  Ears open but my mouth isn't always shut.  I have started a Chaplains Facebook page I hope you all get to visit, I also have my own Facebook page please friend me if you desire.  You can use this to inform me of deaths or illness, I also post happy thoughts and what's on my mind.

Friday October 6 celebrated centennial anniversary of the town of Keansburg with several members of The Keansburg Post.  Passed out business cards.  October 7 Bikers for bobbies breast cancer awareness post 321 8 AM until 12:30 then Rahway jersey burning see Facebook passed out business cards and Matts Ryder's prayer book and then returned to 321 until 8PM.  October 8 talked with Seaside Hights related to hardship after Sandy emailed Mike Arnor we should be able to help fellow legion post was there 11AM until 5PM.

September 22 Stand down Cherry Hill unique experience with Robert Boscou.  Spoke with a news reporter who said next year give them more notice they will cover the watch fire, Patrick and I both think this annual event needs more coverage.  Chicken Fry at Post 338 in Leonardo with the Arnor family helping them make money for ther award winning causes with my wife Kelly.  September 23 went to 338 to help set up for there PTSD poker Run with my wife, picked up shirt for Robert Boscou.  Introduced my wife and made some donations.  Pig roast in Wayne Post 174 shared Mats riders prayer book with Riders president with my wife had all ready told my wife not leaving without pig ???? this time and hoping to get ears for my dog and my friends dog who have frequently donated to my raffles.  Most of the delegation had gone to Pembelton but I was gonna be with my son at William Patterson and if most of the delegation was at Pembelton as I explained to Carl Albern, Mike Arnor and Robert Boscou there is no reason a Detachmeant member can't go represent at Wayne, they seemed happy with my choice.  It was also nice seeing my son as I frequently say family, God and country, for god would not want me to neglect my family.  Sunday tailgate party at Poast 321 lets go Giants Had a good turnout with a TV raffle and a 50/50.  Discussed other business with Commander Dave Page and Mike Arnor.

On Monday September 18 Dave Page Detachmeant Commander, Matthew Thalasinos Vice Commander, Rockey Grimshaw and Frankie Detachmeant Sargent at Arms all attended award ceremony at Post 321 to celebrate the accomplishments of Rockey's son with the Civil Air Patrol

Matthew Thalasinos thankfully stepped up for me on September 16 for the 26th annual watch fire, this is something we do and will continue to do until ALL of our POW/MIA are returned to their families which is no short term goal.  This is something everyone should be aware of and a cause every citizen should follow these young men and women are missing because they fought for US.  Ironic when I say us I mean you and me but I also mean the great United States some of these children never asked to go but they all need to come home.  Earl R Melton from the BB37 at Pearl Harbor was returned his casket was buried at Arlington National Cemetery June 28 2017.  William Billy C Ryan Korean age 25 MIA 5/11/69 returned home 5/10/2017.  William Pipper Korean age 21 Williamstown NJ MIA 6/18/51 Returned home 6/17/2017. First Lt. David Dinan 3rd USAF Iaos, Nutley MIA 3/17/69, remains found 4/8/14 returned home 8/7/2017. 82,500 remain missing in action and away from there homes and loved ones. Lets bring them all home please god hear me.  I made the mistake of only inviting Lt Governor Kimberly Guadagno whose office said she was coming but she didn't come I spoke with Elizabeth Vogue from her office letting her know the importance of this cause, next year there are other contacts I will includ.

Post 184 took chances to win Philies gear even though I am a devoted Mets and Red Sox fan with little bit of Yankee in me, my wife and I came down to introduce myself Wednesday August 30 after I got out of hospital they said they where getting shirts made up, the 16 of September no shirts I will have to order on line you guys should visit I am not a smoker but this building has smoking.  I will visit every time in Wildwood.

There where two events at my Post 321 a gift auction by our ladies auxiliary which I donated water park tickets from my good friends Hank and Alyson at the Keansburg water Park.  There there was Ryles run a young girl with cancer and I got donations from my friends at the Creamridge Winery of a nice bottle of wine, two glasses and a $25 gift certificate, football, soccer and basketball registrations all going to an awesome cause just wish I could have been there but I was at National convention but I know the donations where important to the cause and I am thankful I was able to make them.  Over 22,000 was raised and the surgery was successful.

For the community I sold Keyport Red Raider cards to raise $200 for the football team and I will continue selling cards.  I am visiting patients at Bayshore community hospital to give them someone to talk to.  When people are in the hospital in bed sometimes they just want someone to talk with.

Saturday September 9 went to Monmouth Race Track with Post 20 the previous Commander had spoken with me about restoring there SAL chapter.  The previous commander accepted a job where he needed to relocate and the vice commander who returned to the commander position was uncomfortable with how the previous SAL members where allowed entry.  Dave Page and Mat will set a meeting with Ken Connors and the post Commander at there leisure with the goal of over coming there fears.  Went to Post 351 in Seaside Hights with my wife, discussed the watch fire.  Discussed T-shirt ideas as a fundraiser and the we beat Sandy idea he told me he was going to move forward and I said to contact me when they where done.

Sunday September 10 Pig Roast Brick 348 what a great day meeting brothers and sisters I hadn't met before there SAL Chaplin did an awesome job I sent him a copy of the SAL prayer book and the Chaplins guide like me he is new to the position.  Unfortunately I had to leave to support the humane society bark in the water park so I missed the pig ????, everyone knows I love pig.  I still have two more pig roast this year one in Wayne and one in Long Branch.

Monday September 11 the 16 anniversary of the attack on American and the prayers at the Monument at the beachfront in Union Beach after the radical attack, they where not Muslim as was explained to me by Muslims who explained the Koran who explained the importance of life and how radicals twisted these beliefs to meet there needs.  As a firefighter I remember how upset I was and I am thankful for the Muslims that have taught me the Koran and how important life is.  I hope those who read my post look up the Koran and educate yourself if there are doubts.

Monday Labor Day with Post 166 Thanking Vetrans for there services and discussing matters such as bring the Sons back to Monmouth County.  Hard to believe there are 21 Counties in NJ yet there are 8 or less County Sons.  A goal of mine is to not only bring the Sons back to Monmouth County but to help post like Atlantic Highlands, the second Neptune post and Keyport to get Sons in there Post.  Should they want to have Sons of The American Legion to support there needs.

Attended the 99th Annual American Legion Convention and the 49th Sons of The American Legion convention in Reno and discussing membership and our life blood.  Talking with other delegates including the French delegat and exchanging pins.  These next two years will be exciting, receiving Houghton Award at the national convention, being called up in front of everyone what a honor for Robert Bascou and the Detachmeant.  When people speak to others they need to realize how there words can be perceived, we need to encourage and not discourage it is all about the Sons and not a Son.  Spoke with staff from Menlo Park about doing an outing with there residents. Spoke with Commander Dave Page who suggested to  get support with this event.

Attended Keyport Post 20 on August 2 to meet county American Legion officers and discuss a group interest to bring the Sons back to Monmouth County they explained to submit bylaws and list of officers to renew charter.  Met with resistance from one member but after speaking with Carl Ahern and Mike Arnor I find it odd when someone says I'm not trying to bust your chops and yet that's what they are doing forgetting membership is the life blood, I am thankful that I have met the Legion Detachmeant Commander and realize he wants growth.  Most people want growth and I can not let one really negative member that gets me upset to the point of stuttering deter me, I am stronger than that.

It is an honor and privilege to serve as Chaplain for our Detachment.  I am looking forward to a productive year for our Detachment and will assist in every way I can. I am available to serve the needs of the members of the Detachment of New Jersey and our Legion Family.  If there is a situation that has occurred in your family or our Legion Family that requires my attention, be it a card, service, or visitation.  I have been told I am doing to much 9700 plus elected me as there Chaplin when they had other options and by the end of the year we should be 10,000 I won't ignore things.  I am here for you if anyone wants me to forward the Chaplin book or the prayer book please reach out I will email them.

God bless us all and guide us in our daily task to support the Veterans, Legion Family and our Communitie.

For Family God and Country,

William R Odom IV

Detachment Chaplain



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