Detachment of New Jersey
Children and Youth Commission

Thomas Marsden, Chairman

Updated June 14, 2016

April is Children and Youth Month

Each year, the American Legion designates the month of April as "Children and Youth Month" and recommends stepping up efforts to publicize the C&Y programs of the American Legion.

The Detachment of New Jersey officially support the following Children and Youth programs:

Special Olympics, Children's Organ Transplant Association (COTA), Child Welfare Foundation, Scouting, American Legion Jersey Boys State, American Legion Legacy Scholarship, and Josh Dog.  But your squadron doesn't need to restrict itself to only these programs.  You can also support programs such as Little League, DARE or any other program that provides aid or support to the children of our nation.

If your squadron or county is holding any Children & Youth-related events, please be sure to enter that information into your Consolidated Squadron Report form, and let the Detachment know about your efforts.  Advertise the event through the website Events page.

Last year, the counties and squadrons of the Detachment contributed nearly $30,500 and over 9600 hours of their time to Children and Youth programs for the Detachment.  Let's see if we can top that goal this year.

Carl Albern, Jr.
Detachment Children & Youth Chairman