Detachment of New Jersey
Son of the Year Committee

Nicholas Wingler, Chairman

Updated November 13, 2017

During the evening of the Watch Fire I held a meeting with past Sons of the year, interested members present and Vice Chairman Mickey. We discussed in length the requirements for being nominated for son of the year and agreed on many items.  First we will simplify the nomination form for in its current state we find nominations are not being submitted do to the extensive work that must be done just to nominate a deserving individual. Second we agreed the shirt color must change because everyone who was a past son of the year states they are afraid to wear the shirt because it is white. We will try to keep the same basic design as it is fitting just update the color of the shirt received. Third we are going to keep the lapel pin the same.  Forth we are going to keep the cover received.  Fifth we are going to be adding the large pocket name badge it will be blue in color and will read as Detachment of New Jersey on top person’s name second line followed by son of the year and the year they received the award finally to reduce cost instead of the desk clock being given it will be replaced by a wall plaque or framed certificate we would also hope the commander follows suit as this past year and makes the recipient a distinguished guest of the convention. Supporting documents required will be copy of current SAL membership card, copy of DD214 of veteran from whom the eligibility is granted, if eligibility is threw step father or mother documentation confirming the relationship must be submitted, nomination form, summary of applicants accomplishments for the year being nominated from April 1 to April 1 and a brief summary of the nominees personal history Deadline for applications will be April 14th. Applications will be endorsed by the squadron Commander and Adjutant and 1 post representative being the post commander, adjutant or advisor

For God and Country

Nicholas J. Wingler Son of the year Chairman 20017-18