Detachment of New Jersey
N.E.F. Committee

Frank Jiosi, Chairman

Updated August 25, 2016


Greetings Legion Family members.  

As stated previously many times, the NEF is there for all American Legion and SAL members those who experience displacement due to declared natural disasters , most of which are not expected or planned for in advance

 National American Legion Commander Dale Barnett has made donations to the NEF a priority. The National American legion website has numerous articles/information which demonstrate the importance the NEF can have on Legion family members in times of need.

Please visit the following pages:



                            In this area of the country predictions call for an active hurricane season this year which incresase the likelihood of a natural disaster. 


             With this in mind, please consider  donating to the NEF which, with everyone's help, will go a long way to sustain this important program.


                   Donations may be mailed to National Headquarters or made online as per the information found at     


                       Please feel free to contact me with any questions and further information



                     For God and Country
                     Frank Jiosi Jr

                     SAL Detachment PDC 07-08

                     NEF Chairman