Detachment of New Jersey
Membership Committee

Dave Haring, Chairman

Updated June 3, 2016

   Greetings members of the Sons of the American Legion beginning a new administration year of 2015-2016. My name is Frank Jiosi Jr PDC of the Detachment of NJ 2007-2008. I took over the membership committee this year to get get over 100% and maybe even better. But I can not do it alone, need the help of the over 9,000 members of the Squadrons in NJ. I just received a memo from Greg Doc Gibbs  SAL National Vice Commander Eastern Region which states:


                                           As a nation we are at 99.7% so close to 100%. Put that push on and make  it happen for the upcoming SAL National Convention in Baltimore, MD.  If everyone gets their paperwork in this week we should have enough to make it. Don't let things sit on a desk at this time of year, do your part for the Eastern Region but more importantly, get that 100% for us as a National Organization of the SAL. Lets make National Vice Gibbs happy as his year ends.  I 'm extremely excited to work with the next National Vice Commander of the Eastern Region SAL. We will stay in as much communication as we can to keep the membership rolling in. 

     Look forward in assisting the current Detachment Commander Robert Phillips Jr this year to make his year a tremendous success. Good Luck Commander. 

    We need as Detachment to continue to push membership everyday. The five vice commanders are now going to be needed to help getting the word out for retention as instructed by SAL National Commander Kevin Collier. 


  Just got a big update from the Detachment Commander Robert Phillips that we have made are first three target dates so far this membership year.  10% on Sept. 9, 25% on October 14, and 35% on November 6 a week ahead of the November 13 date. Keep up the incredible job New Jersey.

Just a little update on membership we have met our latest percentage of 45% in which New jersey stands at 46.018% as of December 22, 2015. Currently New Jersey is in 39th place nationally & fifth place in the eastern region. This is great but can only get better and better. The next percentage coming up is 60% on January 20, 2016. 1,337 paid memberships will get us that total so lets push real hard.

  As of the last email I received from National we are two (2) memberships from the 60% target date. Lets get them in. 


   Would like to congratulate the Squadrons that went over the top. Here is the list so far;

    459 North Brunswick Township

    401 Monmouth Junction

    396 Brigatine

    365 Fairview

    342 Chester

    331 Stone Harbor

    310 Little Ferry

    206 Westwood

    152 Newark

    148 Hightstown

    95 Bridgeton 

    57 Waldwick

    39 Roebling

    8 Clifton

   Great News!!!!! New Jersey made the 60% target date on January 20, 2016. Awesome job once again my the members of the SAL in NJ. Don't forget the next target date is February 10th, 2016 which is 75%. If you can make the next Detachment SAL Meeting in Trenton it would be wise that you show up. We are going to need all five Vice Commanders getting out there and pushing retention on membership. Lets keep making Commnader Robert Phillips Jr look real good. 

On March 9, 2016 the membership met the 80% total percentage. Congrats to all the members in NJ.

  While attending the Legion Auxillary President Doreen Gallagher testimonial dinner on Sunday found out the SAL has made its 80% percentage total. The total is 80.99 as of April 5, 2016. 

Once again congrats to all the Vice Commanders for all the hard work. 

Just a quick update before the Wildwood Convention this year. We are at 96.613% just a bit shy of 100% so lets get those outstanding memberships in ok. 

   My info is as follows;

   Frank Jiosi Jr

   SAL PDC 2007-2008 

   Membership Chairman 2015-2016

   5 Eagles Nest Dr Unit 5

   Vernon, NJ 07462-4595