Detachment of New Jersey

Lenny Free

Updated August 3, 2017


Hello Comrades:

The Spring NEC in Indianapolis Indiana was well attended by The Detachment Of New Jersey. With nine in attendance, covering all commission meetings starting on Friday May 5th 2017 @9am. First round of committee meetings at 7 pm, member training and  development was attended by Vice Commander Jeff Hicks, Children & Youth by PDC Tom Marsden, Child Welfare by PDC Robert Phillips Jr.

Saturday May 6th 2017, Call to order began in the Meridian Room at 8:10 am My esteem college NEC Gary Nelson allowed his ANEC to fill in and represent the Detachment Of New Jersey both days.  Business was conducred and recessed by 9:35 am. We quickly went to our respective commission assignments again, all were attended by our Detachment.

At 11:00 am to 2:00 pm the delegation attended the leading candidate reception an broke for lunch 1:00 pm MNI students attended their respective classes. Session 1 Vice Commander  Dave Page, Session 2 Robert Bascou Detachment Commander, Session 3 Robrt Phillips Jr.  Congratulations to Robert Phillips Jr,for completing MNI.

Sunday May 7 th 2017 there was a religious service at 6:45 am

NMI Breakfast and awards were at 7:30am  General NEC Session was back to order at 8:45  this consisted of reports resoulutions, and information on Reno. Business wasconducted , concluded, and adjourned at about noon.

Detachment Of New Jersey was next represented at Locustwood Memorial Service June 4th 2017


For God And Country

Lenny Free  ANEC